14+ Universities With Tallest Building In The World – Modern Architect Ideas


The World tallest instructive Structure

There are some elevated structure is filled in as a college building. The high land cost prompts numerous high rises that are one of a kind and all the more beguiling.

1. Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers – Nagoya, Japan

source -https://medium.com

2. Fudan University – Shanghai, China

source -https://smapse.com

3. Meiji University – Tokyo, Japan

source -https://commons.wikimedia.org

4. Cleveland State University – Cleveland, United States

source -https://www.britannica.com

5. Thomas Jefferson University – Philadelphia, United States

source -https://www.inquirer.com

6. Latvian Academy of Sciences – Riga, Latvia


7. Roosevelt University – Chicago, United States


8. Kogakuin University – Tokyo, Japan

source -https://en.wikipedia.org

9. University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, United States


10. Cathedral of Learning, Assumption University – Bangkok, Thailand

source -https://www.pennsylvasia.com

11. Hosei University – Tokyo, Japan

source -https://en.wikipedia.org

12. Erasmus MC – Rotterdam, Netherlands


13. Liberty Tower, Meiji University – Tokyo, Japan


14. University of Technology Tower – Sydney, Australia

source -https://en.wikipedia.org

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