2021 Cost to Install a Home Theater in a Living Room

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If you are a movie lover but have no home theater, then I can estimate your weekends are quite boring. Nowadays, people prefer staying at home with their families and enjoy watching their desirable movies on Netflix also.  

Installation of home theater can be beneficial in many ways during this time of period. You said that you can only watch movies? Your love for gaming can get you to a new level. 

Home theater installation can be very entertaining on the other hand, not pocket-friendly. It can be a sample as well as a complex process.

 You can install a theater in your living room or simply you can have a separate area specified only for the theater.  

According to Highfive List, home theater installation costs can vary, depending on which setup you like to choose. Home theater installation is now liked by almost 2021 because it provides entertainment in your comfort place.

Cost Breakdown of home theater  

A complete home theater is easily built that includes seating, lighting, flooring, and most importantly soundproofing system. 

The cost of the installation depends on you if you go for high-quality visuals and surround sound that gets ready to pay high prices.

 Keeping in mind that every setup is different, so is cost. It is understood that high quality will cost more, and eventually low-quality setup will cost less.

Money investment depends on your choice of pieces and setup. 

All the money that is going to be invested will directly depend on the quality of pieces and the setup system you choose. 

So, you decide all by keeping an eye on your budget that you have fixed for this project. 

Let us now talk about pieces that are necessary for this project.

Sound System type

We know that a surround sound system is made up of various components that make it feel like the sound is playing all over. This gives you an immersive experience and makes you feel like you are in a movie theater.

Furthermore, it has many components starting from speakers to subwoofers and most importantly receivers that make coordination.

If you have a large space so you must go with the installation of a larger sound system vice versa.

Talking about the material of the surround sound system can range from $500 to $3000 if you go for an average kind of material.

But if you talk about a high-quality Dolby Atmos surround sound system, it can range from $1,200 to $7000.

Cost of Screen type 

HDTV or a projector and a screen are the ways to set up a visual in your home theater.

Most commonly projectors and screens are used in this system, and Both have a variety of prices, sizes, and features that affect their prices.

Projectors can range from $300 to $2000 on the other hand depending on the screen type it costs from $20 to $2000.  

HDTV can give expenses between $1500 to $9000.

Expense on wiring 

Wires run between the different components in most home theatres, including the projector or HDTV, receiver, and speakers. 

The various cables may be purchased for roughly $200 if you wish to handle your wiring. If you want a professional set up with the wires hidden and not apparent, expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 altogether. 

The cost of the cables and installation is included, but not the cost of any other components.

In walk and in ceiling speaker’s expense

As usual, depending on the type of wall and ceiling speakers, price ranges are different.

Areas that have thin walls or need considerable wires will eventually cost more.

 In walking, speakers need a budget of $500 to $2000 as well as in-ceiling speakers and they both have many concerns.

Price of wireless home theater

 This setup can range from   $900 to $9000 for the soundbar, receiver, speakers, and subwoofers. This system does not include projectors and screens, so it may not be cost-friendly.

 They are available in a variety of styles. Some integrate with your home’s Smart system or hub, while others rely on satellite communication. Some Bluetooth-enabled devices are also available.

Hiring Professionals

Do you think hiring Gurus for the home theater installation can save your money? May you be right!  

Hiring Professionals not only help to save your time in the same way they can also save some of your money.

So, in my point of view, hiring expertise can be good for your pocket.

Final Thought

There are numerous benefits to home theater.  No worries about getting front-row seats and can sit anywhere you want without privacy issues.

You can have your full comfort zone and enjoy Netflix, games, and even can have fun with the technology.

This entertainment can be somehow costly for you in 2021 but trust me it’s worth it.

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