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While building your dream home, do not forget to make an ever-lasting impression on your guests. The key to this is to make your guests feel at home. The way you design and style your luxury guest room makes a vast difference.

Do not be afraid to be daring enough to add patterns, dark shades, piling up pillows, layering the room with fabrics, or any other kinds of unique materials you otherwise do not plan to incorporate into any of your other rooms.

Compiling the perfect amount of furniture and how to decorate your guest room the right way can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you completely revamp your guest room.

1. Bed Is the Key to Comfort

You want your guests to feel at home and getting the bed right is a great way to achieve that goal. Make sure their stay is comfortable by layering the bed with lots of linen and cozy duvets. You can even add pillows.

To up the luxury quotient, replace standard pillow covers with silk or velvet materials. Make sure you fill the bed with the perfect number of cushions, linens, and blankets.

Use bright colors for bedsheets, and throw in accessories like books, art pieces, and plants.

2. Quirk It Up!

Bringing in quirky furniture can make things go from boring-looking to exciting and luxurious. You can incorporate fun art pieces or letterings up the walls. Even a mismatched wooden nightstand or mirror oozes out fun.

Small bright-colored additions in the room are also a nice additional feeling of quirkiness.

3. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

It can be an issue if you have a small guest room accommodating many crucial high-end furniture pieces that give a luxurious look. This is when you should become clever enough to invest in multifunctional furniture.

A sofa-cum-bed or a side table that turns into a dressing table are prominent examples. Small bedrooms do not mean that they are not well-equipped or tidy-looking.

4. More Storage Space for Your Guests

Your unused guest room might be loaded with kid’s toys or packed-up winter essentials, old clothes, blankets, and other unuseful things. Go on a complete cleaning spree and empty the storage space for your guests to make them feel welcome.

Provide your guests with extra cloth racks and hangers for them to use. Make sure you clean up the room properly to provide your guests with the extra space they need.

5. Symmetry Is the Way to Go

Investing proper time and money in a good design structure for your luxury guest room makes you go a long way. Like the same number of table drawers or lamps dividing the beds into proper halves, a great symmetrical design gives the room a neat look.

When you have two guests sharing the same room, this design works the best.

Cater To Your Guest’s Need

Based on your guest’s age, make sure you provide them what they need. For example, if you have adult guests, offer them space to do their own thing. Adding a built-in window space for your guests to sit peacefully and hang out is a good idea. While decorating the guest room for kids, incorporate fun and child-friendly furniture.

Rather than investing in huge wardrobes for your guest room, including drawers and hanging space, it is a much wiser choice. For small guest rooms, incorporating neutral colors and adding patterns work the best.

Rooms represent you and your style. Your guest room should look like an extended part of your personality. So, make sure you do not go overboard in decorating the guest room that you forget your entire aesthetic.

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