50+ Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas – 2021


Here are we share best Small Studio Apartment Desing Ideas – 2021. Check Below!!

1. Creating a special unit for sleeping and using its volume for storage compartments

source- houzz.com.au

2. Color distinction- paint the second level in a different tonality

source- pinterest.com

3. Elevate the bed and give yourself more space underneath

source- home-designing.com

4. Use Folding Glass Walls to achieve dynamic and flexible space separation

source- home-designing.com

5. Sliding staircase – movable elements which if necessary can be hidden or blend

source- treehugger.com

6. Put your bedroom into a movable cube – fun on wells

source- shoeboxdwelling.com

7. Saving Space with a Suspended Bedroom

source- home-designing.com

8. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors

source- houzz.com.sg

9. Make use of the space behind the sofa

source- pinterest.com

10. Movable wall in combination with folding wall bed

source- houzz.in

11. Partially hiding the bed in the closed

source- interiorzine.com

12. Minimalism takes hold – live part of the premises empty

source- novocom.top

13. Elevating the kitchen and hiding the bed underneath

source- homedit.com

14. Turn the bedroom it into a sculptural element

source- decoist.com

15. Use the space in front of the entrance door

source- pinterest.es

16. Creating an illusion of volume using mirrored surfaces

source- nytimes.com

17. The dining table can fit and hide amongst the rest of the kitchen furnishing

source- treehugger.com

18. Insert the Murphy bed into the separation wall to have an extra, guest bed

source- novocom.top

19. Closet as a Swiss Army Knife

source- karmatrendz.wordpress.com

20. Hang things – the ceiling is an excellent space for stuff

source- br.pinterest.com

21. Sliding wooden doors – light, elegant touch

source- anywaydoors.be

22. Gave a decorative value to the second level and turned it into the attractive accent of the interior

source- awesomedecors.us

23. If you don’t have a space for sofa – give an appropriate upholstery to an exciting part of the furnishing

source- pinoyeplans.com

24. Combo-box: all the furniture in one unit

source- dezeen.com

25. Use glass partitions for better illumination of the premises

source- home-designing.com

26. Sliding glass doors

source- pinterest.com

27. Create a wall from shelves

source- newhomedecore.com

28. Furniture Island in the middle of the living space

source- archive.curbed.com

29. Elevate the bookshelf as high as possible

source- thesethreerooms.com

30. Hide the desk when is not in use

source- treehugger.com

31. Shrink the kitchen to its absolute minimum

source- brickunderground.com

32. You can use more than two levels in height

source- architizer.com

33. Bathroom on the second level- closer to the bedroom

source- decoist.com

34. Using contrasting textures for the floor and the ceiling cladding

source- houzz.com

35. Metal-mesh panels used as a separation knack

source- inspirationde.com

36. Sliding bed under the working place

source- favim.com

37. Using bold colors for some of the furniture

source- freepressjournal.in

38. Using the furniture for visual separation of the premise but leaving a free space above them

source- medium.com

39. Bookshelves from old wooden beams to be used as a separation knack

source- architectureartdesigns.com

40. Wondering about the color scheme? White & Wood is always a winning combination.

source- chifudesign.com

41. If you love the sun move your bed closer to the window

source- aucklanddesignmanual.co.nz

42. Movable shelf unit

source- home-designing.com

43. Rotating space divider that can host a TV set

source- pinterest.com

44. Metal framework with transparent qualities

source- homeworlddesign.com

45. Light in the different color spectrum for a visual division of premises

source- trendir.com

46. Play with the floors and the walls

source- archdaily.com

47. Use the A-framed ceilings to the maximum

source- pinterest.co.uk

48. Use light colors for the niches, so the shadow to not overcome them

source- theculturetrip.com

49. Separate the bedroom zone only with curtains

source- digsdigs.com

50. Use a modular system with movable shelves

source- pinterest.com

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