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Does your mattress have stains that are difficult to remove? We show you the procedure and the right products to use to get to the bottom of it permanently.

Mattress Stains

Blood, perspiration, coffee: how to recover a mattress stained with stains? Our guide offers solutions to restore whiteness and cleanliness to your bedding.

How to Remove Stains from a Mattress?

As a general rule, we start cleaning a mattress after discovering one or more stains. The operation can then prove to be more or less arduous, depending on the nature and age of the dirt: halo, blood and various liquids can become embedded in the fibre and resist you. However, some products will allow you to remove stains from the mattress.

Respond Immediately!

If you’ve just spilled your coffee or tea in bed, don’t panic. By taking the necessary measures quickly, you should be able to save your comfortable mattress without too much difficulty: the liquid has not yet had time to soak it in depth. After removing the sheets, use a mixture of clear water and hydrogen peroxide, in equal proportions, and rub with a sponge on the crime scene. If necessary, speed up drying with a hairdryer.

The Different Methods

Clean a mattress? Very little for you. Too difficult perhaps? It’s without counting on these little secrets to clean a mattress. Remember this: products act differently on each type of soil. If you are wondering how to clean a mattress effectively, just adapt the substance used or the technique chosen to the stain to be removed.

Soda Crystals

Soda crystals are particularly effective in loosening a mattress deeply. This product will get rid of stubborn stains like blood or urine. In a basin, dilute a cup of soda crystals in hot water. Rub the area to be cleaned with a sponge soaked in the mixture. Leave to act then rub again with, this time, a rinsed and wrung out sponge.

The Steam Cleaner

It is probably still the most practical method of cleaning a mattress. This device, as efficient as it is easy to use, helps you with the maintenance of your bedding daily. It is clean at the same time. Always take care to wash the mattress over its entire surface to avoid halos.

White Vinegar

Do you call for help when washing a foam mattress topper? Do not panic. Arm yourself with white vinegar, a little patience and your mattress topper will be like new. Spray the stains with a mixture of 4 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Leave to act. Rinse and let dry. For more efficiency, you can also clean the mattress with baking soda and vinegar.

Oven Cleaner

Looking for how to detach a mattress with what you have on hand? Think about the oven cleaner. An unsuspected method of course, but one that has proven itself. The technique is simple. Spray the product on the dirt. Leave it to dry.

Marseille Soap

Marseille soap can also help you clean a mattress with pee. This technique is also effective in removing drink stains. To do this, lightly moisten the part to be cleaned and rub Marseille soap on this area. Insist on forming a veil of soap, even a crust, then brush before rinsing.

Lemon Juice

This natural solution is a great alternative to white vinegar. This method is particularly recommended for removing a bloodstain. The technique is the same as with alcohol, except that you don’t have to put on gloves. Using lemon will even make you beautiful white nails.


Lard to clean the mattress? This is one method that is sure to arouse scepticism, but yes, you can very well use fat to rid your mattress of stubborn stains. Apply the lard to the dirt. Leave on for a day. Then rub with white spirit. Rinse and let dry.

Baking Soda

Cleaning the mattress with baking soda is a classic. Urine, blood, yellow halo, mould baking soda will get rid of all stains. This product will be even more effective if you mix it with peroxide. Spray the mixture on the mattress, let dry and vacuum for a clean and fresh mattress.

Stains that have Dried

How to remove stains from the mattress when they have had time to dry? Your best allies, in case of stubborn dirt, are:

  • ammonia
  • hydrogen peroxide

They can be used in a complementary way to get rid of the dirt. To get rid of the strong odour and absorb the liquid, sprinkle the loosened areas with baking soda for a few hours, which will then be removed by vacuuming.

Air the Mattress

It is often ignored, but it is advisable to turn your mattress every three months or so. It is a routine that can therefore be adopted at each change of season. This not only ventilates it but also inspects it and checks for stains to be removed from the mattress. In good weather, we will not hesitate to take it out and put it in the sun to dry it, which has the effect of cleaning it up.

Protect your Mattress

After you have successfully removed the stains from the mattress, it would be a shame to let the dirt set in again and have to start all over again, even if you are familiar with the technique by now. Invest in a quality mattress pad, or a mattress topper, an element of the bed linen that plays both a protective role and improves sleeping comfort. Very practical, these textiles are generally designed for easy machine cleaning.

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