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How to clean a fabric sofa? For use, with children, family, friends who settle there, whether your fabric sofa is fixed or convertible, whether it is a complete living room, a bench or even the seat from an armchair or chair, dirt and stains will.

How to clean a sofa in fabric? For use, with children, family, friends who settle there, whether your fabric sofa is fixed or convertible, whether it is a complete living room, a bench or even the seat of an armchair or a chair, dirt and stains will quickly coat the fabric. And yet the cleaning of the sofa in the non-removable fabric must be carried out with certain precautions. Discover 5 tips and 7 techniques for sofa cleaning in Melbourne, maintain and detach a fabric sofa.

5 Tips for Its Maintenance

1. Remove the Dust on the Fabric Sofa

Avoid using a cloth. A rag leaves streaks of dirt on the fabric sofa.

2.  Protect the Decorations, the Frames and the Legs of the Armchair

Some stain removers can attack metal or wood.

So if the armchair has wooden or metal legs or fittings, before the big cleaning of the sofa, protect them with a plastic sheet held by adhesive tape.

3. Clean without getting too Wet

Some sofas, under the fabric, are lined with canvas and horsehair straps that may rub off.

So clean the sofa only on the surface, with a sponge or a well-wrung cloth, and never wet, dry it quickly using a hairdryer, and always carry out a preliminary test on an invisible corner.

4.  Test the Stain Remover

Do not start cleaning until you have tested the stain remover in an inconspicuous place, such as the back of the chair or a cushion.

To do this, use a cloth or cotton swab moistened with stain remover.

And if you notice bleeding of colours, shrinkage, polish, loss of hold or pilling of the fabric, change the stain remover, prefer dry cleaning, or entrust the cleaning of the chair to a professional.

5. Avoid Halos

The only way to avoid a halo after stain removal is to clean the stain first, then the sofa seat completely, even if it is a single stain.

5 Cleaning Techniques

Wet Cleaning 

Some printed and coloured fabrics are not colourfast, absolutely test wet cleaning on a hidden corner.

If you notice the slightest deterioration of the fabric, give up and dry clean the fabric sofa.

1. Ammonia

In a bowl, prepare lukewarm water, a few drops of washing up liquid and the contents of a coffee cup of ammonia.

Cleaning Technique

Using a sponge or a cloth rolled into a ball, well wrung out, hands protected by household gloves, clean the sofa with the diluted ammonia solution. If ever the colour of the fabric smudged or the colour was found on the laundry, dilute accordingly.

And even if by diluting the ammonia the problem is found, forget about the ammonia and all wet cleaning. 

Run the laundry over the entire surface of the sofa, and especially on the seat, dabbing and insisting on the stains.

Then rinse off the product by passing a washcloth soaked in water, well wrung out.


As soon as the cleaning is finished, dry the fabric of the sofa by passing a washcloth or a small, dry towel in all directions.

Finish drying using lukewarm air from the hairdryer, not hot.

Do not sit on the sofa, armchair or sofa bed until it is completely dry.

2.  Soda Crystals

Hands protected by household gloves, prepare the contents of a cup of soda crystals in a bowl or small bowl.

Dilute the crystals in hot water. 

Cleaning Technique

Soak a sponge in this solution, wring it out, then clean the sofa, paying particular attention to the stains.

This cleaning has 3 advantages: it is fast, efficient and very economical.

On a coloured fabric sofa, there is a risk of colour bleeding and discolouration.

This cleaning must therefore be tested beforehand.

Rinsing with a sponge or washcloth soaked in clear water is mandatory.

It prevents the solution from continuing its action.

3. Water + Vinegar + Dishwashing Detergent

A white but dirty sofa covered in chocolate stains has been restored to its original cleanliness.

Cleaning Technique

Prepare in a bowl

500 ml of white vinegar, 200 ml of lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing detergent.

Soak a sponge with this solution, wring out the sponge, and clean the sofa fabric in square 20 centimetres, insisting on the stains.

Rinse with a damp cloth.

Use a terry cloth washcloth in all directions.

Leave to dry.

4. Shaving Foam

This safe and quick cleaning is more a surface cleaning than a deep cleaning!

If the sofa is stained, for a satisfactory result, it would be better to detach it first.

Cleaning Technique

Spray shaving foam on the sofa in a thick layer.

Leave the foam to act for an hour then rub in all directions with a damp sponge. Dry with a washcloth or terry towel.

5. Tex Clean

A deep cleansing technique while being fast that we have recently tested with success.

This stain spot of grease Tex clean professional that normally allows removing a greasy stain, oil or any greasy stains on fabric, has proved incredibly effective at fully cleaning cloth sofas. 

Cleaning Technique

Without any preparation, just spray the Tex Clean on the sofa, then lightly rub the sofa in all directions with a clean white cloth.

Rinse with a damp cloth.

Pat dry with a dry terrycloth washcloth.

Air dry or blow dry lukewarm air.

Protect your Sofa from Stains 

Protect your living room with fabric and even leather, carpet and rugs etc with Tex guard this stain, mite and waterproofing very efficient is a professional product that individuals can use successfully easily.

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