How to repair the carpet


The daily use of the carpet can cause wear or small accidents whose signs remain visible: here’s how to intervene to repair the main types of damage.

How to repair the carpet

Frequent walking, the weight of the furniture and various accidental causes can damage the carpet, even severely. Before thinking about replacing the entire carpet, however, it is possible to intervene to stem the problem and remedy the damage, depending on the cause. Here is a simple guide provided by Hobart Clean masters to dealing with the main unexpected events that can involve carpeting.

Repair the carpet in case of a burn

A small tear or cigarette burn can be easily repaired. Get a plumber’s punch (the ones you need to cut the seals).

Place the sharp part on the carpet, in correspondence with the damage and hit the punch with a hammer in order to engrave the cover and be able to remove it.

Still using the punch, cut a disk of the same size from a piece of new carpet and place it in the place of the one removed, after applying a little contact glue on the back. Then lean on some weight. This is how you can fix carpet repair by your own.

Repair the carpet in case of tears

A larger tear or damage must be repaired without wasting time as it extends easily and can cause walking difficulties. Cut a patch larger than the damaged part from a piece of new carpet.

Place it over the area to be repaired and, with the cutter, cut a profile that contains the part with the tear, making sure to cut both the new piece and the carpet at the same time.

Remove the part that contains the tear and in its place, you can place the new patch, which will result, thanks to the contemporary cut, of the exact dimensions. Under the patch apply a thin layer of contact glue and then put some weight on the repaired area that you will keep in place for at least a couple of hours.

Repair the carpet tufts

Carpets with long tufts of fur can be repaired by preparing small bundles of pile equal to those of the carpet, perhaps taken from another area, not insight.

The cut piece, after having been provided with glue in the underlying part, is applied in place of the removed part.

Remove the carpet

When a carpet is applied to a floor, the problem of its detachment must be raised immediately, as this type of coverage cannot be kept indefinitely. Removing a free-standing carpet is immediate: just remove the furniture, remove the skirting boards that block it and then remove the sheets. Greater difficulties are encountered with carpet fixed with double-sided adhesive tapes.

Parts that are not on top of the belts are easily removed by cutting the checked carpet. The parts that remain on the belts are removed at the same time as the belts themselves, passing a scraper with a very sharp blade on the floor. The greatest difficulties are encountered with glued carpets.

ThereThe classic procedure is as follows: with the cutter, cut the carpet into squares and tear them off, one by one. The hardened glue remains on the floor and often incorporates the carpet underlay. The glue can be removed (patiently) with a scraper.

Carpet maintenance

Carpet requires constant and careful maintenance because it is subject to various damage and degeneration, even in the best quality versions. There are two worst enemies of carpeting: humidity and dust. The humidity causes the development of moulds that lurk in the carpet, with the production of a bad smell.

Always air the room every day and let the sun enter the room. If necessary, use special hygroscopic drying products to reduce the humidity in the environment.

 There are many methods that how you can maintenance of carpet, you can also book our service to repair your carpet, we are professional carpet repair company in Hobart we cover almost all range of cleaning services.

Cleaning the carpet

The carpet must be freed from dust every day by passing over it a vacuum cleaner which, with its action, cleans it thoroughly.

Once a month it must be washed. For small surfaces, you can use a mixture of water-ammonia and a light liquid soap which you apply by scrubbing vigorously with a medium soft bristle brush.

When the carpet is dry, use the carpet cleaner which removes the crystallized soap with dirt. For larger surfaces, use the carpet cleaner. It is a device equipped with a soap applicator and rotating brushes. It passes repeatedly on the carpet, soaping it and treating it with brushes. Then it is left to dry and passed the carpet cleaner again for final cleaning.

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