Natural remedies to keep cockroaches aside from our homes


Nobody likes to discover that they have these insects as roommates: here are some indications that will help us understand how to remove cockroaches naturally, without resorting to the usual insecticide.

Origin of these insects

If they play an important role in nature, we cannot say the same in homes. The cockroaches (or cockroaches ) are predominantly terrestrial insects nocturnal living in dark, moist environments, particularly damaging when they come into our homes.

Of variable size depending on the species, they are easily recognizable by their black or brownish liveries, their pronounced antennae, their oval and flattened body, their long and slightly hairy legs and the presence of two small “thorns” (called cerci) in the back. of the body.

Oviparous insects lay their eggs in blackish oothecae (about one cm long) secreted by their mother and made up of an organic substance that hardens in the air. Usually, in autumn, each female lays four to 22 oothecae, containing eight to 16 eggs each. If they hatch after several hours, post-embryonic development – influenced by temperature – can last for years.

The cockroach or house cockroach ( Blatta orientalis ) is one of the best known and widespread species among the cockroaches, perhaps native to southern Russia but now present almost everywhere. The male is winged, while the female has subatrophied wings, but in general, all cockroaches are not good fliers.

These insects repudiate light, prefer humid environments, feed on everything and can easily enter homes from drainage channels, sewers and the garden.

They move smoothly from building to building. Even simple potato sacks or cartons from infested warehouses can be enough to take them home. Read the tips below shared by Major Pest control to remove cockroaches from home naturally without hiring any professionals.

How to get rid of cockroaches naturally: 

Let’s first see where they hide and what their habits are. During the day, cockroaches hide in cracks in walls, under skirting boards or in any other damp and poorly lit shelter, especially if placed near heat sources (refrigerator compressor, kitchen oven, passage channels for the hot water etc.).

In many cases, they also infest the sinks, the inaccessible parts of the furniture, as well as the counter-walls of the stoves and cooking shelves. In homes, they can therefore damage food, fabrics, books, etc.

In general, they are harmful insects to our health. After all, they can carry the eggs of many parasites and cause allergic reactions (by direct contact or with their residues), as well as easily propagate pathogenic germs because they also feed on excrements.

At home they release manure and frequently regurgitate part of their food, releasing a nauseating and bad-smelling secretion, whose microorganisms can contaminate the food and the various places or objects affected.

To keep cockroaches away, first of all clean!

If you want to keep them away, first of all here is what you absolutely must not do: do not leave food or their residues in open containers. Dispose of garbage every day and do not keep it in open containers. Do not stockpile food supplies in cellars or closets.

Some specific cleaning tips

Other useful measures will help you avoid their presence.

Here are what they are:

  1. keep all the rooms clean and tidy and leave the floor free from objects;
  2. fill any cracks and crevices in floors, walls and ceilings;
  3. always check sacks, bags or cartons of food and vegetables that you bring home. They could come from haunted warehouses;
  4. make sure that all drains are equipped with a siphon;
  5. hermetically seal the passage on the walls of the gas pipes, water pipes, drains and electrical systems with silicone, to prevent them from entering from outside.

Very important to also cleaning the house before the holidays to avoid any problem returning.

Pest control

If you live in condominiums, in the event of an infestation of your apartment, immediately notify the administrator, who will check the other homes and common areas. During the work for the connection to the urban sewerage system, make sure that the septic tank used previously is removed or filled with earth: the same thing if this operation has already been carried out in previous years.

And if you want to avoid chemical disinfestation with often high-risk products (for example pyrethrins and organ phosphors), use natural prevention and control methods, safer and without contraindications.

Natural remedies to keep cockroaches away

Cleaning the main washable surfaces of the house (floors, tables, sinks, bathtubs, windows, balcony doors, etc.) with a simple cloth soaked in a water-vinegar solution can help you in this regard.

Vinegar is not only a useful kitchen product but also an excellent insect repellent.

Indeed, nature always meets our needs. Other effective preventive methods consist in the distribution in the most critical points of the house of some cloves of garlic, piles of bay leaves or sprigs of rosemary.

Also on the plant front, cockroaches are particularly afraid of catnip and tansy. You can place them with a few jars or small bunches on the balcony, along with the window sills or near the doors.

If you follow the main precautions we have listed and implement these completely natural prevention methods to remove cockroaches from your home, you will have a good chance of driving away cockroaches without resorting to any disinfestation operation (do it yourself or carried out by specialized companies depending on the severity of the phenomenon), which will require the use of polluting and dangerous chemicals.


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