Top 10 Helpful Tips of Carpet Care

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A beautiful and clean carpet is a real home decoration. However, the complexness of caring for carpet effects often disturbs buyers, who immediately have distrust: is it worth making such a purchase? Costs! We have organised for you the top 10 tips for easy and effective carpet care.

Tip 1

Begin cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner on the back. This will prevent dust from rubbing into the return and the accumulation of dirt in it. After the underside of the carpet is clean, you can proceed to the front side as well. While brushing, direct the brush movements along with the pile, but never crosswise to avoid damaging it. This method should be applied at least once a week.

Tip 2

If the carpet is artificial, then it would be reasonable to treat its texture with an antistatic agency before cleaning. Otherwise, electrified dust particles will smoothly stick to the fur, and it will be much more challenging to remove them.

Tip 3

Avoid damp cleaning of carpet whenever possible. If you can’t get by with dry cleaning, try to wet the carpet as little as possible, but rather use a dry cleaning service. When deciding between wet and dry cleaning, priority should be given to the latter.

Tip 4

It is highly advisable to hold a carpet that for some basis is temporarily not used in a living room, and not in a loft or utility room. A carpet under your bed or behind a couch will give you much less of an annoyance than a carpet covered with dust or moth-eaten. As an extra protection, a few moth pills are placed inside the roll. You can easily remove remains dust from the surface of the carpet when it’s time to use it likewise.

Tip 5

If there are any indentations from furniture legs on the carpet, ice cubes will help you to deal with them. Simply place the cube on a flattened surface and let it melt and absorb into the pile. After defrosting, the wet pile will automatically straighten and return to its previous shape (Important! If you use this method for viscose carpets, immediately after defrosting, you must completely remove moisture from the carpet with a hairdryer).

When using ice, stick to the less is more principle. Too much moisture will not be good for your carpet. Using steam or a hairdryer will also give a similar result. To straighten the crumpled pile, you can use steam iron or wet the desired area and dry with a hairdryer, turning it on at the lowest temperature. However, this method is not suitable for woollen carpets. If your garment is made of pure wool, ice is best.

Tip 6

If a gluey substance is attached to the pile, ice will come to your help here also. Use it to the stained location and, as long as the rubbery remains firm, you can peel it off the carpet.

Tip 7

Dry the carpet after damp cleaning preferably in the fresh air, but not in direct sunlight. Wide-open windows and doors are fine too.

Tip 8

Brushing with fresh snow or lemon juice can help freshen up a woollen or synthetic carpet. Spray the solution over the surface of the carpet and brush over it with a soft brush – it will regain brightness.

Cleaning with snow will require a minimum of effort from you. You can spread a rug in a place where no human has stepped foot (at least after a good snowfall), and throw fresh snow over it. After that, you should pat the surface well with a beater so that the dust accumulated in the carpet remains on the snow. Next – turn the carpet over and repeat everything. If you have children, this makes the task even easier: invite them to take part in the fun fussing and jumping on the carpet lying in the snow. As you pick up and dust off the rug, you’ll be surprised at how much dirt it leaves on the snowy surface.

Tip 9

Regularly adjusting the position of the carpet will avoid wear in specific areas. Just turn the rug 90 or 180 degrees every few months, and the areas of “frequent use” will be less noticeable. The same should be done with the carpet hanging on the wall. This will avoid stretching and deformation. A carpet that is regularly twisted will not bubble or shrink in a shade-free area.

Speaking of shade, direct sunlight should be avoided on the carpet, no matter where it is located – on the floor or the wall.

Tip 10

The greasy stain will help remove tooth powder or chalk. Sprinkle the soiled area with powder, cover with tissue or any tissue paper and iron with a hot iron. In this way, you can get rid of a greasy stain not only on the carpet, but also on clothes, books, and in some cases even on wallpaper.

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