7 Unbelievable Underwater Restaurants Around The World – Everyone Should Know It!!!

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Many restaurants around the world offer stunning views of the sea, are in the perfect spot to watch the sunset, or offer diners wonderful views of the mountains. These are all beautiful, of course, but if you’re looking for something even more exciting, then you might want to seek out an underwater restaurant.No matter what your comfort level in the water is, everyone can appreciate the beauty of sea life in its natural habitat. Underwater restaurants have become a phenomenon that allows restaurant goers to dine with an out of this world view.

Not to be confused with swim-up bars that are popular in many tropical resorts or restaurants featuring large aquariums, these underwater restaurants are genuinely built under natural bodies of water. This makes for a perfectly romantic atmosphere when paired with the fact that many of these restaurants are located at famous honeymoon destinations.

Eating your meal while surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows can seem slightly terrifying — but also incredibly exciting. You can get an up-close look at exotic sea life and eat luxurious meals, all while sort of feeling like a mermaid.Check out some of the world’s most exciting underwater restaurants.

Ithaa, Maldives


Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara


5.8 Undersea




L’Oceanogràfic Submarino Restaurant




Ozen by Atmosphere


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